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Infinity Spiral * Louisiana Opal * Le Joie De Vivre * Sz 7.5

Infinity Spiral * Louisiana Opal * Le Joie De Vivre * Sz 7.5

This one of a kind ring is completely handmade with genuine .925 sterling silver sheet metal and wire and features a rare piece of Louisiana Opal with a silver Infinity Spiral, inspired by the Cajun French phrase, "Le Joie de Vivre" (The joy of living) which is hammered into the outer ring band.  

The inner band is stamped with official .925 sterling and HCS makers mark.

This opal piece has been heat treated to bring out more color and definition from under the surface and displays a hue of purple with hints of earthy reds. 


"Le Joie de Vivre" is a phrase I discovered years ago while researching my Cajun heritage that translates to "the joy of living". This phrase immediately ignites images of old video footage of my young grandmother spinning across the dancefloor at a fais do do, & another of myself paddling down my fav bayou during golden hour<3

To me, Le Joie de Vivre is the journey of growth through all the soul fueling aspects of life (like exploration, recreation, community = all the fun stuff!) and it’s learning and moving forward with these things in a way that wakes you up from the mundane & lifts you up with a calming weightlessness that sends you further & further outward, expanding and growing into new experiences & connections. A never-ending spiral of personal growth! An infinity spiral.

I've translated this into this series as a simple sterling silver spiral with three dots at the end, to represent the continuation of growth, with Louisiana Opal & Palmwood at the center.


Comes in a jewelry box with a twine bow and gator charm, so you can give it as a gift - or enjoy opening it as a gift for yourself;)


Ring Band Size- US sz 7.5


Bezel Plate- Approx. 1.25"x.50"


Louisiana OpalThe Louisiana sandstone opal is one of the rarest varieties of opal in the world. It was mined briefly in the Catahoula Formation in Leesville (Vernon Parish) South West Louisiana in the late 1980’s- the early 1990’s. The mine is now located on private property and has been reportedly “mined out” and covered up. The Louisiana opal is a very delicate stone and must be worn with care, try your best never to drop them and never wear LA opals during strenuous activities that may cause the stone to crack.


Please read shop policies before purchasing!


    All sales are final, so please be sure to read measurements and care instructions very carefully. But please contact me if there are any problems with your order!


    -Domestic orders will be shipped out within 1-3 business days after payment is received (this does not include Sundays or holidays) using USPS 1st class or USPS Priority with tracking. Orders typically arrive between 3-5 business days after shipped. *(Please double check that the shipping address provided is correct and includes a first and last name. This can cause extreme delays in the arrival time of your package.)

    -Tracking numbers are provided with every order, please check your tracking# if you have any concerns with the arrival time of your package!



    Delays within the US Postal Service are very common during the busy Holiday season (Nov & Dec), please keep this in mind before making your purchase!


    *STORAGE: While not being worn, it's best to store your silver jewelry at room

    temperature in a dark space, preferably in an airtight bag. Avoid direct sunlight and

    humidity, do not leave in a car or on a windowsill. If your piece does get wet, dry it

    off immediately.


    *WEARING: -Never submerge your silver jewelry in water. Some tap water may contain sulfur which will discolor the metal. While wearing, avoid contact with hairspray, perfumes, or lotions to prevent damage or discoloration. Never go to bed while wearing your jewelry.

    Gemstones (Especially Louisiana Opals) can be very delicate and should never be worn during strenuous activities to avoid damage to the stone. Dropping gemstones and glass cabs will likely result in damage to the piece, so be kind to your jewelry and wear with care!


    *MAINTENANCE: Sterling Silver may tarnish over time, to keep your sterling piece looking new, gently rub with a soft cotton polishing cloth until shine is restored. Doing this regularly will prevent tarnish altogether. The use of liquid chemical jewelry cleaner is highly discouraged.

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