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le joie de vivre

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     Growing up along the bayous of Lafourche and Terrebonne Parish, my grandparents sparked an undying flame in my heart for Louisiana's Cajun culture and spooky folklore stories. As I've grown older and more adventurous, that flame has drawn me into the magical swamps of Manchac, Louisiana, the rumored haunting grounds of the mysterious hurricane-summoning town oracle, Aunt Julia Brown.

      The further I dove into the lush southern swamps, the closer I became with my own spirituality and grew a deeper appreciation for life itself through the power of nature, in essence it gifted me, "Le joie de vivre" (French for "the joy of living"), something I've been starving for in my heartsick life of concrete, depression, and anxiety. And as I spent more and more time there, I began collecting pieces of fallen cypress, twigs, and moss and started developing jewelry to wear so that I could take the swamps with me when I couldn't be there, because I never wanted to leave! From there birthed my jewelry making obsession in 2014, and then in 2015 came Haunted Cypress!

     With my creations inspired by the haunting beauty, folklore, and soul of the Louisiana swamps, it's become my mission to Spread le joie de vivre to the rest of the world!

     While Manchac is my main source for ethically sourced materials, I also collect from Honey Island Swamp, Dulac, New Orleans cemeteries, and various bayous and nature trails in Louisiana. We're always careful not to disturb the habitats of living swamp creatures by moving large pieces of cypress and never kill insects or animals for jewelry supplies.

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