Petrified Palmwood * Magnolia Branch * Sterling Silver

Petrified Palmwood * Magnolia Branch * Sterling Silver

This one of a kind pendant is completely handmade with .925 sterling silver sheet metal & wire and features a stamped magnolia branch with a gorgeous piece of Louisiana Petrified Palmwood, Louisiana's official state fossil.

The back is stamped with official .925 sterling and Haunted Cypress makers mark.


LOUISIANA PALMWOOD: Petrified palmwood is found in the Catahoula Formation and was designated the state fossil of Louisiana in 1976. 100 million years ago, what is now Louisiana was a lush tropical forest. Trees that fell into mineral-rich mud before having a chance to decay became petrified wood, which is actually a quartz-like stone. The organic wood cells were replaced over time by minerals, often retaining the detailed shape of the original prehistoric wood.


Pendant- Approx. 2" long & 1" wide.


Chain- Comes with an 18" hypoallergenic stainless steel chain.


*To keep prices down, Sterling Silver chains are sold separately, see our “Sterling Chains” section in the shop for more options.


*Please note: Sterling silver will tarnish over time, this is normal. To keep it looking shiny, read Sterling Silver Care instructions.


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