Louisiana Petrified Palmwood * Sterling Silver * Magnolia Branch

Louisiana Petrified Palmwood * Sterling Silver * Magnolia Branch

This one of a kind necklace is completely handmade with genuine .925 sterling silver with hammered magnolia branch impressions and features a perfectly polished piece of Louisiana Petrified Palmwood, Louisiana's official state fossil. With a dash of le joie de vivre, this pendant was made to spread soul healing, joyous feels to whoever may wear it. Comes with a complimentary 17.5" leather cord so you can carry the magic of the swamps wherever you go!


Comes in a jewelry box with a twine bow and gator charm, so you can give it as a gift - or enjoy opening it as a gift for yourself;)


Pendant Approx. 2" long from top of bail to lowest point of pendant.


Cord- Comes with a 17.5" leather cord with handmade sterling silver hook clasp. (Can be replaced with an alloy metal chain upon request for no extra charge, just leave us a message in the note section at checkout!)


*To keep prices down, Sterling Silver chains are sold separately, see our “Sterling Chains” section in the shop for more options.


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    Petrified palmwood was designated the state fossil of Louisiana in 1976. 100 million years ago, what is now Louisiana was a lush tropical forest. Trees that fell into mineral-rich mud before having a chance to decay became petrified wood, which is actually a quartz-like stone. The organic wood cells were replaced over time by minerals, often retaining the detailed shape of the original prehistoric wood.

    The spotted look of palmwood is caused by fossilized rod-like structures within the original wood. Depending upon the angle the stone is cut, they show up as spots, tapering rods, or lines.